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Universally Spoken

Tonight is the Oscars where we acknowledge the creatives and the performers. Many root for their favorite picture to win. Others talk about who wore what and who said what. As for myself, I’m still thinking about that McDonald’s commercial that just aired.

The commercial starts off with some children signing that they are hungry. Then it shows another kid arriving on his bike with a bag of McDonald’s.  Then it ends with the tagline, “Universally spoken.”

I’m currently taking a sign language class and I am aware of how marketing, media, and technology often ignore the fact that about 25 million people are deaf or hard of hearing and about 10% practice sign language.

I think it’s a way better commercial than the ones they’ve been airing for their caramel mocha HOWEVER… people can interpret this commercial in two ways:

1. It’s a way of inserting the power of their brand by basically saying that their brand image not only extends itself internationally and culturally but also to the deaf culture and hearing impaired communities.


2. It’s an egotistical way of inserting the power of their brand by basically saying that their brand image not only extends itself internationally and culturally but also to the deaf culture and hearing impaired communities. It’s a little cynical but that’s just what came to mind.

Either way, they make their point.




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Creative Rebirth

When in that state of  mind, my mind constantly makes movies, commercials, imagery, images, images on top of those images, lights shows, dance parties, and spokes-characters all slapped onto a canvas as big as my imagination will allow me to create on. It’s viral and guerilla marketing mixed together with two choco tacos and all things that make me happy.

It’s a Quynh.

I LOVE the creative process.  It’s the excitement that gets to me. It’s the adrenaline rush of coming up with ideas that you are damn sure will get you an Addy or two. Hands down, this is when you hit the climatic point of the creative process and there are no refunds, my friends. So throw away those receipts and embrace it pulsating in you because this is the type of creative high you wouldn’t say toodle-oo to.


To the creative process,






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Future taking Flight!

I like the direction of this ad for Air New Zealand. There’s barely any commentary yet it speaks a lot with just the images alone.

I also love the design and layout of the interior too.  It does offer a setting for socializing and solitude. I would have loved to been a part of this creative team for Air New Zealand. Here is the video on the creativity that went behind the scenes.


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Vista de la Biblioteca Vasconcelo

This is the most awesome library ever! I love the design. It definitely makes you want to get lost in reading.

Here is a picture of the new library in New Mexico.


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Break Me Off A Piece Of That Nostalgia

I was never much for one to consume a lot of chocolate unless it takes the form of a cup of soy Ovaltine. However, in the spirit of Halloween, I decided to break me off a piece of a Kit Kat bar even though the candy was supposed to be passed out to trick or treaters. Coincidently, as I was eating a bar, a commercial for Kit Kat starts playing. It would be scary to imagine if this was actually intentional on the advertiser’s part — as if they were able to target me through my television and air specific commercials according to what I was eating or doing. What a scary yet aggressive way to enforce brand loyalty with the mere exposure of the brand. It’s kind of like Facebook ads!

As I was eating the candy and watching it’s commercial, I began to admire the creative strategy they used to advertise the product. It’s the classic JINGLE, of course! I love their creative twist on covering the song through sounds of crunching and breaking off a piece of the candy. It ties everything back to their slogan and it’s still nostalgic even with the new cover. I actually had fragmented flashbacks of my adolescent self eating the candy which made the experience now taste a little more appetizing.

Here’s a trip down memory lane.

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Go Run and Tell That!

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Back from hiatus for more creative mischief

Settling back into school was a lot more difficult than I had expected it to be. I have five (5) classes, work, chapter secretary duties and other shenanigans under my belt . Just trying to be on top of it all certainly takes its toll on maintaining a blog. It may seem like I’m a neglectful blogger but on the contrary, my friend. Though I was on this hiatus of however many weeks, I been coming up with great blog posts and creative ideas left and right. They just need to be zapped out of this noggin and onto this blog. Yes, it definitely sounds like a job that only the humongous super bug from “Starship Space Troopers” can do, except without the excruciating pain and eventual death. It would have been an interesting idea… if Denise Richards hadn’t chopped off the bug’s sucker. Thanks.

To end this tangent, I’m going to make it up by posting this Yahoo! short that was introduced to me in class by guest speaker Maureen Reagan from Yahoo.

This is a pretty funny video for Yahoo! Who knew? I’ve always been a Google kind of gal and used Yahoo! primarily for quick news stories.  I know, another Google v. Yahoo! debacle. Well, get over it. I’m going to end it with a  kudos to you Yahoo! You certainly have tugged on these heart strings however, I’m really digging Google’s birthday dedication to John Legend.

For now,