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The “Capri Sun” for Adults


Skimming through the pages of Uncrate, I come across these disposable flasks. It’s crazy and yet I find myself tempted to purchase a set. I remember back in elementary school when I use to bring Capris Sun juice pouches for lunch. Heck, I still drink them in college. It’s portable, it’s small, and it’s good for any occasion. So why not create something like that for adults? Yeah, it’s not from the makers of Capri Sun but they would probably make a lot of money if they had thought of it first.


  • Reusable – Fill up 7.5 oz. or your favorite beverage or alcohol and when your done consuming it, fill her up again.
  • Air tight plastic lids – no spills and tastes just right.
  • Portable – take it anywhere and everywhere.  Unless you’re going on plane trip that might be suspicious but hey, that leads to the next point…
  • Disposable – can’t bring it along or you going to get busted then just toss it.


  • Price – 3/$15, it’s alright but better make use of it.
  • Logo – it’s simple and sometimes simple is good but with a logo that size that reads “#1 Original Disposable Flask,” the mystery is gone and you’re just advertising to get busted.  Hopefully it’s not on the back side as well.



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