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A picture is worth a 1000 words, maybe even $1000.

Visit Worth1000, a website created by Avi Muchnick and Israel Derdik, who are also two of three creators of the website Aviary.

Worth1000 is a community that has been offering daily contests for its creative users since 2002. Divided into what they call arenas, a user can compete in different types and levels of contests such as

  • HxH (Private Contest)
  • Corporate Contest
  • Photo Effects
  • Photography
  • Multimedia
  • Illustration
  • Writing

For contests, Winners are decided by the number of votes that they accumulate from the community or from the creator of the specific contest if it is a corporate contest.  There is also a special twist to this voting system.  With every vote you give, you receive Voting Karma which affects the value of your votes.  Depending on the contest, winners can win cash prizes, credits, or praise.

With the integration of tutorials, forums, and Aviary programs, Worth1000 has become a very sophisticated community. It can be considered as a sort of social network for creatives.  Users are able to subscribe to a user’s work, sponsor a user, team up, give custom trophies/gifts, and even chat.

For more information, visit Worth1000 or watch a video glimpse of what the website is all about.



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