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lose a friend, gain a whopper!

How far will a brand go in order to advertise their product?

Print ads, commercials, celebrity endorsements, coupons, and even a Facebook application that asks you to end a friendship for a free burger.


A while back, Burger King created their very own Facebook application, called the Whopper Sacrifice. In order to receive a free whopper, users have to de-friend 10 friends on their Facebook account. These friends would then be notified that the “friend” has de-friended them.

However, according to the Whopper Sacrifice fan page, the application has been disabled by Facebook because “the love for the Whopper proved to be much stronger than 203,996 friendships.”

I’m not a big fan of eating Burger King but I am a big fan of how they advertise their brand. They have created a sort of subculture for food that is targeted towards guys. From the King to the Whopper, Burger King has successfully been able to create a strong sense of brand loyalty. To test a person’s loyalty for their friends and their loyalty to the Whopper is a little sad but it does back up their slogan that states, “friendship is strong, but the whopper is stronger.”



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