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Chat Roulette Anyone?

Chat roulette. Don’t go there at night or else you’re going to see a lot of these 8=D. Yes…beware of the ecstatic looking gorilla emoticons.

But in all seriousness, Chat Roulette, created by a high school student from Moscow, is an online service that randomly pairs two strangers to chat through webcam, microphone, text, or any variation of the three. Chat participants also have the option of skimming through chats with various strangers until one happens to strike their fancy. According to an article on ReadWriteWeb,  the site was launched in November 2009 but its popularity has grown increasing since February of this year, attracting the young, the males, and European countries.

Photobucket Visit BuzzFeed for more funny screenshots.

The website is notoriously known as a platform for rare sightings of celebrities, hooking up and the occasional encounters with weirdos, making it quite controversial, but that’s not all what Chat Roulette has to offer.

If you are lucky enough to even come across him, look out for Merton. He is known as the Piano Improv guy where he basically does improv with the random strangers that he encounters on chat roulette while playing the piano.

Discretion advised: some minor swear words.

But other than that, enjoy!



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