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Lady Gaga: a Platform for Advertising

Many artists integrate products and brands into their song whether it is a paid product placement, a commercial jingle, or simply something that they feel goes well with their lyrics or the message that they are trying to convey.


We place advertisements on billboards, television shows, movies, and even on ourselves so why not advertise brands in music videos and lyrics? It’s a smart media buy especially if that artist is mainstream and targets many viewers however, it can also lead to a messy lawsuit.

If many of you haven’t seen Lady Gaga’s new video, “Telephone,” then check it out at CREATIVITY. Her video has no shame when it comes to product placement, paid and unpaid.  According to an article on Madison+Vine, Many of the products being advertised, like Wonder Bread, in the video were not a paid placement like Miracle Whip.  Seeing how Wonder Bread is a family oriented American icon, it makes you wonder what Wonder Bread reps have to say about the free publicity in Gaga’s expensive video.


I basically lol-ed when watching the random product placements in the video and upon learning that many were unpaid and were just creative touches of Gaga’s made it even more entertaining.  It doesn’t make me want to buy Miracle Whip but I’m sure that it has left me with a lasting impression and association of the brand to Gaga.



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