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Advertising Highs: Snickers

With Tivo as one of advertisers many threats, TV advertisements are often overlooked and fast forwarded.  I can understand why.  I mean, some ads are boring, annoying and basically do not target to our interests.  So people will often generalize all ads as that way.  That, however, should not be the case for all.

How can you generalize all ads in one negative category?  A lot of ads should be admired on their creative approaches of targeting their audience and finding a solution to their everyday problems.  It may be a little broad but one of my favorite target markets are men, or in a more informal description, guys.

Stereotypical guy: beer, sex, male camaraderie, some type of sport, video games, bacon, and some other stereotypical interests amongst “guys.”

The Snicker’s campaign of “You’re not you when you’re hungry,”  does a successful job in relating something that all of us can relate to and using male camaraderie as a backdrop easily targets it towards guys. I can see this campaign target towards women as well  because it’s true, we’re not ourselves when we’re hungry. The campaign was able to a find a comical solution to an everyday problem.

Here’s a clip of one of their ads for the campaign.

Not all campaigns that target towards men are successful but I believe that the comical campaign of Snicker is worth the 30 seconds.



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