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A Twist of Rebranding?

Former popular TLC reality show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight, ended with a divorce and rumors circulating about the two. I can’t speak for others, but I feel that how they ended left it very awkward for Kate as an image, a brand. Yes, Kate Gosselin is a brand; a brand that is in the midst of positive and negative reviews since her show and marriage’s demise. She attempts to rebrand herself by participating in the contest, “Dancing with the Stars,” however her dancing seems to leave the judges and viewers with mixed reviews as well.

Is this the end of Kate Gosselin as a brand?

Apparently not for Gosselin, according to an article on Yahoo!TV. Gosselin manages to rack up two projects on TLC.  The first project is her new show, “Twist of Kate,” which was announced today and will be 12 episodes of her responding to fan mail as well as traveling to meet those fans. The second project is a series of her new life as “Kate Plus 8.”

They seem like desperate attempts but then again, desperate attempts of rebranding can be seen by all celebrities and even ourselves.  I believe her attempts would only created high interest if it involved her eight kids.  Without them, her show would be like “Kristie Alley: My Big Life” or “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated.”  Her show could be called “Kate Gosselin: What now? ”



One comment on “A Twist of Rebranding?

  1. i love the last two sentences! oh man! hilarious!! the picture sucks though. i wish it was a little bigger or maybe a closer look at her hair and face. i want to see her hair.

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