Join the Social Networking Bandwagon!

With the increasing growth and user involvement around web 2.0, entrepreneurs may find starting a social networking platform to be a smart venture. It can be tough though. Exactly how many ideas can you come up with for social networking that haven’t already been done?

I remember the first social networking site that I was introduced to was Friendster, which now is pretty much dead. Then there was Myspace, a network originally for musicians but expanded to everybody. Myspace is a pretty popular site however, the big three social networking sites in my opinion are Yelp, Twitter, and of course, Facebook. These sites are like the monopolies of networking sites. They pretty much set the bar when it comes to social media.

It’s hard to keep track of all the networking sites that I stumble across online. There was one creative idea that did catch my attention.

Tripping is a new social community centered around cultural exchange and generosity.  Tripping’s mission is to bring together people in a sort of hospitality exchange to stop prejudice and broaden their view of the world and people around them.

How does this work? Well, there are two key players to tripping that help make the site work: a host and a tripper. A host is someone who opens their home, interests, culture, and basically shows them the local areas and how to make the most of their time on their trip. A tripper is basically a traveler using the site to travel. Tripping also offers a community where people can share their interests and travels through their profiles.

A site centering on the generosity of others sounds just wonderful but what about the safety precautions?  Well, Tripping prioritizes on safety.  They allow and encourage trippers to leave ratings and references in order to inform future trippers about their hosts.  Tripping also has an emergency hotline called TripSafe.

I really like the idea of a social networking site created out of hospitality and generosity.  It makes you wonder if these two factors alone can stand out of the hundreds of social media startups and shine with the likes of Facebook and Twitter.



2 comments on “Join the Social Networking Bandwagon!

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    • It’s coming along. I thought you said that you wanted an umbrella one so I made you one with an umbrella but then Kyle pointed out that you just wanted it cute like the umbrella one.

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