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Reinventing the Ice Cream Truck

I remember back in the day when the jingle of “Do Your Ears Hang Low” would be a sort of calling that would enchant the children to stop whatever they were doing and buy ice cream. It kind of parallels to the mythology of sirens where the ice cream man is the siren and the jingle would be the sweet song that would make the children succumb to the ice cream.

Everyday after school I would be greeted by that ice cream man and his siren jingle. Since I’m in college, the ice cream man becomes yet another memory, until just recently.

On my way out of class, I noticed a large truck which I disregarded as another taco truck. However, as I got closer, I noticed that this was no ordinary taco truck. Heck, it wasn’t a taco truck at all. It was a TREATBOT.

You can’t purchase your classic novelty ice cream but you can indulge in some of the unique ice cream flavors of Horchata, Mexican Chocolate, Mango, and Green Tea on a cone, in a greenware cup, or sandwiched between two delicious cookies. It’s your call.  What makes this start-up unique from the original  is that this truck is equipped with Karaoke .  I call this the reinvention of the ice cream truck but the Treatbot venture advertises themselves as the ice cream truck from the future.

According to the Treatbot ice cream man, this business has been running for about 3 months by his friend and Treatbot recently hosted/catered a gig with the Black Eyed Peas.  They are currently introducing the start-up through social media outreach of Facebook and Twitter and by driving to different cities and campuses.

It sounds like an interesting concept.  The ice cream is good and the Karaoke is something that I have yet seen anybody try. I imagine this business doing well on the weekend nights downtown when all those of age and those young at heart go to the clubs and come out with an appetite for ice cream and less inhibition to sing in public.

Take a look at the trailer for Treatbot..



One comment on “Reinventing the Ice Cream Truck

  1. i want a treatbot when i get out of the clubs!

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