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An Experience Like No Other

Your last stop in every shopping experience is the transaction itself.  With the slide of the card, the ring of the registers, topped off with your autograph, you are ready, set, and off to enjoy your purchases.  Oh if only all purchases went smoothly like that.  However, somewhere in that scenario, the question often pops up, “Would you like to sign up for our store credit card?” or “Would you like to join or benefits program?”

Sure, some may ruin your credit but some are programs designed to make the brand experience an experience to remember. How creatively far will a brand go to give their brand loyalists the ultimate brand experience? Well, take the clothing store Anthropologie for example.  Anthropologie offers hand-picked, beautifully crafted, and unique garments that represent a sort of lifestyle. It is a lifestyle that expresses femininity, adventure, and imagination. As you step in the store, you can immediately recognize the brand identity touching all of your senses with their style, quality, soundtrack, environment, and signature scent.

As a brand loyalist of this store, I was not reluctant to join their Anthro card program. The program keeps a record of your purchases so whenever you need to return something without a receipt, they can just look it up through your account. It was simple as that with no strings attached. However, as my birthday came around, I received a very small yet special package in the mail from Anthropologie.

It was a handcrafted birthday card from Anthropologie with a candle necklace attached. The card wished me a happy birthday presented me 15% off on my purchase during the month of my birthday.

The clever copywriting also reflected the identity of the brand. It was light, fun, and exuded the style of the store. Even the smallest gesture from a brand can make the biggest impression for the consumer.

Brands are becoming more clever and more in tune in maintaining a strong relation between brand and customer through benefits, mail, and other forms of customer appreciation. It’s smart marketing because a brand would be nothing without its loyal customers.


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