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Hooray for Responsibility!

Beer brands have a more challenging task when advertising their product. With the watchful eyes of substance abuse groups, like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D), on the related activities that people often participate in while under the influence, it is a priority for alcohol brands to promote their part in social responsibility.

Most beer ads have different approaches when advertising their beer. Budweiser and Miller often take the comedic male camaraderie approach in their advertisements where as others use

Sex Appeal


and Historical Origins.

What can these brands do to sell their beer as well as responsibility?

The Bud Light commercial of the house made out of beer cans can be a hint of social responsibility towards recycling and plenty of others have done their spin on “Don’t Drink And Drive.”

One brand that I believe meets both requirements of selling beer and responsibility is Red Stripe.

This is one of many Red Stripe commercials:

Now take a look at their commercial on responsibility.

I like Red Stripe because they are consistent with their identity. It’s interesting to see how many creative approaches they come up with to advertise their not so aesthetically looking beer.

It’s humorous. it’s responsible in a humorous way. It’s Beer!



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