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The Rise of the Food Trucks

Is it just me or are Gourmet food trucks the new start-up craze? Move out social networking sites because when it comes to one’s appetite, you have major competition on your social media hands.

Seems like eating out just evolved. Kind of how going out to eat ice cream evolved to fro-yo and then to Snowice (don’t even get me started on Snowice).

It’s quick, it’s convenient, and it’s something new. I mean… sure, there were always food trucks or as some may refer to them as “roach trucks.” I, however, am talking about the new generation of food trucks. The ones that serve gourmet food and treats – from bbq, curry, to cupcakes!

It’s crazy yet it’s something that I can see generating substantial success. A new way of eating out or at least a trend that will have a long, steady run like buying Jordans, sneakerheads buying SB Nikes but not wearing them, or wearing skinny jeans, except catering to a broader audience.

They certainly do solve a problem that many people face when they are hungry. I’m talking about the distance factor of getting to the actual place to eat. There are so many good places to eat yet they are so far to reach. Imagine if those restaurants and other fast food places had trucks that would come to you. Sure you’ll have to do some walking to place your order but hey, it beats having to drive there, find parking, and waiting for a table.

Street food on wheels is the new big scene now. Just look at the success of San Jose’s MoGo, Korean taco truck, the LA-based grilled cheese truck, and the growing success of San Jose new food trucker, Treatbot.

Actually, instead of looking, you should just try the food.



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