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Something Personal

I’ve shared with you the creative, the funny, and the interestingly weird. How about something more personal?

I’ve been on hiatus with blogging. Don’t get me wrong, my time not spent on writing about creativity and such was not put to waste. You may ask, “Where the heck have you been, Q?”

Well, I have two internships…let me rephrase that, I have two DESIGN internships. So instead of blogging about creativity, I have been practicing it — a very good excuse, I might add, for not keeping up with my writing. Yet still, there is so much creativity going around that’s not being spoken of, written about, or seen. The word must come out!

I’m really happy with my internships and I absolutely recommend everybody to do one. Even if it’s an unpaid internship, the experience is well worth experiencing. I have a paid and an unpaid internship. I currently work at my school’s Career Center as an assistant graphic designer and volunteer my creative efforts to the design of Left Coast Live.

I feel very lucky to have found work at these two places because the style of design and atmosphere are polar opposites. It  teaches me to easily adapt to the different expectations and style of the brand.

What am I up to now?

Let’s just say I have a ton of projects on my list that need to get checked off.

But for now, I sleep.




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