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Helpful Sites for Creatives

As a creative, you need all the help you can get in branding yourself and your business. How can you market yourself? How do you reach the masses? How do you send that indesign document that exceeds the 25MG attachment limit on emails?! Sure, you can compress it into a zip file but even then that file can get HUGE.

In what creative ways can we solve our branding and marketing obstacles?

Along my journey as a creative, I’ve come by some sites that will help you get what you need and where you need to be.

1) Ever admire those customized emails you get from subscribing to your favorite store or band?  Well create those campaigns and newsletters here at MailChimp.  Look professional and be organized when you are starting up your very own start-up! I like using MailChimp because it gets information to your large audience in a timely and professional manner. MailChimp also tracks all the details in your campaign from the number of people who opened the email, those who  unsubscribed and much more.

2) Are those portfolio folders not cutting it?  Do they not make your work pop out of those pages? Check out Carbonmade, a site for you to showcase your work through customizable webpages and allows you to network with other creatives. Carbonmade fills in the presentational aspects that plain portfolios lack.  Though portfolio folders are transportable and good to bring for face-to-face interviews, Carbonmade allows anybody to view your portfolio from wherever they are (provided they have internet access).

3) Now how about emailing those large documents via email? Such a pain in the you-know-what but now you can relieve that pain through YouSendIt, a site that emails those attached documents that are 25MG+. No longer will you curse your email provider for making you think you sent that large email but in return received mailer demon — a demon indeed. Let’s just say, yousendit.com saved me a lot of time and frustration.

4) Finding the look of your resume to be a drag?  Spruce it up with LinkedIn or VisualCV. Both are sites that will save your resume from being lost in the other millions of resumes out there. Customize your resume site with graphs, blogs, your portfolio, and upload your photo so that they can place your face in the position that you are applying for. I have yet created my resume on VisualCV but LinkedIn is just as good and allows me to professional market myself online while providing me with professional networks and job listings to connect with.

5) Creating designs can be hard when you don’t have the right color scheme in mind. Browse through ColourLovers, a color loving community that allows you to share, create, and explore the different possibilities for color palettes. The color combinations on this site are fun, creative and unthinkable. My favorite palette is Arizona Ice Tea.

6) Make your next presentation a big hit with  SoundSlides.  It’s like Powerpoint but with the ability to seamlessly sync audio tracks to your images and make a real impact.  They’ll think you hired a professional.

Hopefully these few sites will help you in your creative journey. There are many more to explore and many that will make you stand apart from the rest.

So until then,



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