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Don’t get your facebook all up in my twitter

After the hit of the “doublemint twins” commercial for Doublemint gum, branding for chewing gum, in my opinion, has lacked creativity. From Winterfresh, Juicy Fruit, Big Red, and Trident gum, branding has often resorted to similar and typical advertisements of using celebrities endorsed jingles (cough:::Chris Brown::cough), sex appeal, and generic minty fresh descriptions.

Fortunately, someone has caught on to this lack of creativity in chewing gum branding.  Lo and behold, our savior, Orbit Gum.  Orbit gum has been well-known for their quirky clean sense of humor in their branding. Taking dirty situations and language and turning them into downright comedic gold, for gum commercials that is.

Now taking it a step further and incorporating celebrity comedians and not your typical mainstream celebrities, Orbit has struck gold.

Take at their new shorts titled, Dirty Shorts:



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