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Creative Discovery

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Had to share this gem of a music video right after I absorbed all of its melodies and creativity. I mean, here is a music video where the creative direction just leaves me utterly mesmerized.

Take a look for yourself:

I still can’t get over how thought out this video was. You see many music videos just follow the generic formula of song, sexual innuendos here and there, plus love story gone right or wrong. If I wanted to watch a love story, I’d go watch Serendipity (though I do hate that movie) or Love Actually. As for music videos, there is so much room for creative freedom so why just settle for what is basically, for most videos, soft-core porn?

I say leave viewers with the impression that there is still a creative thought in this world that is not drowned by waves of superficial ideas. This video along with many others that are fighting to stay afloat and not stifled by such are doing just that.



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