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Think outside the 2.5×3

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When you think of business cards, the image of 2.5×3 cards with basic info automatically comes in mind. Well it shouldn’t. Sure, the default works for some. The default works for a budget. But if you have room in your budget, why not give some room for some creativity?

Business cards can be questionable as many of them that are passed out are thrown out. I, for one, still believe in the valuable use of business cards. It’s an easy way to pass around your contact. But why should you just limit yourself to just your contact. Pass out something that represents you visually — a memorable branding experience that they can walk away with. Like these:

Take a look at more creative business cards here.

Leave potential clients with the impression that you and your business are more than just a 2.5×3 piece of cardstock.



One comment on “Think outside the 2.5×3

  1. Good Thoughts on creative business cards. They are the first impression your company makes. Why be just like everyone else? We have developed a pretty creative business card that is a standard size but definitely stands out: http://www.wallprinting.com/businesscards.html

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