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Think you have the next big idea?

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One of the things that I love to do is to collaborate creatively with others. It certainly does exercise the mind when ideas are bounced off from one another to cultivate an idea — a seed that grows and branches out into something bigger than you had originally planted.

Have you ever came up with an idea that was beyond great, in fact, it was pure genius?

Of course you have.

Have you ever came up with that idea however, it was placed on the back burner or just left as another scribble jotted down in your notebook?

Haven’t we all?

Setbacks like coming up with the funds to produce your idea can be a real killer of dreams…until now. Kickstarter is “a new way to fund and follow creativity.”  Founded and managed by a team of artists and technologists, they have created this platform for artists, musicians, performers, and any person with creative thought to have a kick start to see their ideas jump off of paper and into reality.

Here’s the 411:

First, submit a proposal of your project to the Kickstarter Team.  Ideas must adhere to the Kickstarter Guidelines which describe the type of projects that are and are not allowed to be submitted. Types of projects that are not allowed are charity donations, business expenses, and personal funding for your life.

The project that meets the guidelines are allowed to create a profile on their proposed project on Kickstarter, set a funding goal to reach and advertise rewards as an incentive for people to back your project in the the time limit of 1 to 90 days.

You are in complete ownership of your project however you only receive the funding if your project meets the funding goal within the time limit. If the project is successful then Kickstarter applies a 5% fee to the amount raised.   If it doesn’t then you nor Kickstarter receive any funding.

Kickstarter is a true supporter of the creative mind and a sort of savior for ideas that often get tossed or forgotten due to setbacks.  So the next time you come up with a brilliant project or idea, run it by Kickstarter for a chance to see it come to reality.



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