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Quitting in Style

On todays article for The Chive, a girl quits her job via dry erase board.  Sounds simple but it doesn’t end there.  While using the dry erase board to express her discontent for the job, she also sends those pictures to all of her co workers.

Go to The Chive for the full comedic photo series of her resignation.

I admire her creative way of quitting.  Sure, a two-weeks notice would have sufficed but it doesn’t give you the satisfaction and pleasure of telling your jerk of a boss the ULTIMATE F U without actually saying it .

Now what about the Jet Blue guy? His version of an F U was pretty much the basic F U. This man cussed out a passenger over the intercom,  grabbed a couple of beers and exited through emergency plane slide? That’s pretty creative and he left the scene in complete style. He did get charged for criminal mischief but as a result of his public resignation, he is idolized by many as a sort of hero for public workers all around.

So if you’re thinking about being creative with your resignation, try doing it without the consequential charges on your record.

…and don’t kill anybody. 🙂



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