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Back from hiatus for more creative mischief

Settling back into school was a lot more difficult than I had expected it to be. I have five (5) classes, work, chapter secretary duties and other shenanigans under my belt . Just trying to be on top of it all certainly takes its toll on maintaining a blog. It may seem like I’m a neglectful blogger but on the contrary, my friend. Though I was on this hiatus of however many weeks, I been coming up with great blog posts and creative ideas left and right. They just need to be zapped out of this noggin and onto this blog. Yes, it definitely sounds like a job that only the humongous super bug from “Starship Space Troopers” can do, except without the excruciating pain and eventual death. It would have been an interesting idea… if Denise Richards hadn’t chopped off the bug’s sucker. Thanks.

To end this tangent, I’m going to make it up by posting this Yahoo! short that was introduced to me in class by guest speaker Maureen Reagan from Yahoo.

This is a pretty funny video for Yahoo! Who knew? I’ve always been a Google kind of gal and used Yahoo! primarily for quick news stories.  I know, another Google v. Yahoo! debacle. Well, get over it. I’m going to end it with a  kudos to you Yahoo! You certainly have tugged on these heart strings however, I’m really digging Google’s birthday dedication to John Legend.

For now,



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