Who am I?

You’re different from everybody. And it’s okay to be different. Kids might have called you names like weirdo or outsider and they had no problem in letting you know it. Really, it’s okay. Don’t let their elementary vocabulary and reading skills get to you. If they could even process it, let alone say it, they’d be using words like ingenious and innovative! But there is one thing that they did get right, You. Are. Different.

Let me elaborate.

You idolize spokescharacters. You buy magazines for the sole purpose of ripping out print ads. It’s not vandalism, it’s guerrilla marketing. Your artistic canvases are as big as billboards, buildings, even bigger! It’s anything you can get your hands on. You’re generating ideas out of the wahzoo!

Dare I say more?

You’re a freaking crusader of creativity.

Nuff said.


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