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If Facebook Ruled the Internet

Wait a minute, doesn’t Facebook already do that?

These week’s chapter is on Surveying the Technology Supermarket in the text, “Smart Business, Social Business” by Michael Brito, who is also my social media professor.  I have to admit, I was trying my best to retain all the information on the different social media software and applications. What I took away from this chapter was how social media applications and technology brand themselves with such quirky names.

“Hey, d’you got Jive?”
“Nah man, I’m all about Yammer but I hear Tibbr is the bee’s knees when it comes to social collaboration”
“Dude, you can use whatever program you want just make sure you turn on the Sprinklr to manage all of your social programs and keep them in check.”
“You’re so right. I’m going to Tweet that to my buddies.”

How I picture a conversation between two department heads on facilitating an environment of collaboration and community within an organization. 



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